About Us

Wintour is a renowned brand for China's hotel industry on digital marketing. Recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the government, Wintour has provided technical support, digital marketing training and services for a number of China's luxury hotels since 2006.

Wintour has experienced 3 stages in terms of technical service:

  • 1st Stage:
    • Website Development
    • Search Engine Marketing
  • 2nd Stage: SalesTech
    • Booking Engine
    • Member Relationship Management System
    • Website Marketing
    • WeChat Marketing
  • 3rd Stage: MarTech
    • Marketing Automation
    • Social Customer Relationship Management

In terms of talents trainings, Wintour is a recognized institute in hotel digital marketing training and education. Every year, over 300 hotels received training from Wintour. In recent three years, more than 2000 hotel staff received our training. Since 2016, Wintour's e-Hospitality curriculum has recognized and carried out by a number of higher educational colleges.

Wintour also provides marketing SOP reengineering and marketing manual compiling for hotel groups. In the digital marketing era, a new marketing SOPwith digital marketing has become part of the hotel group' strategy, and Wintour is helping in this reengineering SOP. Wintour leads in digital marketing technical development and as well digital marketing curriculum development, which make it an ideal partner for hotel groups in marketing process reengineering.

Wintour has also been rewarded by ChinaHotelStarlightAwards as Ideal Marketing Partner of Hotels, and by China Hotels Golden Ray Award as Most Popular Hotel Network Marketing Solutions Provider of China.